If we didn't know how strong this crew was before, we sure do now... We're so proud to be a part of this squad of humans. You have not just adapted, but embraced this crazy change: pushing and elevating both your workouts and this unbelievable community.

4 week Challenge: Coming SOON

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4 Strength days

Complete 4 days of strength training: Pure Barre Classic & Reform, Pilates, lifting

2 cardio days

Complete 2 days of cardio; Pure Barre Empower, running, Peloton bike, boxing

1 REcovery DAY

Complete 1 day of active recovery; stretching, walking, yin yoga, foam rolling

421 fuel


Every week you'll get a 7 day meal plan & recipes - some favorites & and some new ones, all tailored to that #quarantinelife.


421 daily wins

Check out our 24 mini challenges! Each are a doable "win" to keep us all sane and dialed into the good that's out there. These can be accomplished any day of the year; you can even stack two or three on the same day.