Why?: New decade, new focus! Time to get your routine set for this new chapter and fresh start to the 2020s, by prioritizing your fitness, nutrition, and now mental and emotional wellness...



  • 8 weeks of healthy, delicious meal plans + recipes, a mini board to track your progress, plus weekly motivation and inspiration.
  • Also included: 421Reset philosophy booklet and informative newsletters covering hot topics like: why 4 days of strength training, fat loss myths etc...
  • NEW "No Bad Days" 421Reset Navy color tank *shipped to your address at the end of the challenge*
  • NEW: added bonus of this challenge... we've collaborated with the Lululemon education team to create a unique "Mindset Reset" program tailored specifically for our clients and this challenge!



  • Challenge kicks of Jan 6 and final day is March 1.
  • You will get all your meal plans and materials shipped to you the weekend before the challenge starts!
  • Your tank will be shipped to your address at the end of the challenge.

Mind+Body Reset 2020: 8 Week Challenge

  • All Sales Final. All meal plans and recipes are sent out before the challenge start date, so there are no refunds on this product.


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