InBody Composition Test & Analysis

Over the last two years, we've scanned nearly 2,500 people, pre and post-challenge. We've seen it all! And we've been asked every question under the sun. Below we answer the most common questions via simple videos.  But first, we'll explain what InBody is and why we use it. 

measure the right measures!

Why not just step on a scale to track changes? Afterall, most people resolve to "lose weight." But that's an incomplete picture. What people really mean is, "I want to look and be healthy, toned, and able-bodied." 

A scale doesn't differentiate between muscle and fat, water, and minerals. In fact, approximately 1/3 of our participants gain weight and lose fat (and a few sizes) during our challenges! (Remember:

a lb of muscle is much smaller than a lb of fat!).

InBody Composition Testing is far more accurate than stepping on

a scale. The InBody accurately determines (within 1% margin of error) changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage. It's the true measure of progress. 

what is body composition

and why does it matter?

easy and painless

but accurate!

testing procedures and results

  • Step 1Wipe your hands and feet with an InBody Tissue. The InBody Tissue will help enhance current conductivity.


  • Step 2Step on the InBody to measure your weight. Make sure to align your feet with the foot electrodes.


  • Step 3 When prompted, enter your personal profile. The profile will allow you to track your progress. Confirm your personal profile then press enter to begin testing.

  • Step 4: Grab the handles and place your thumbs on the oval electrodes.

  •  Step 5: Keep your arms straight and away from your body. Stay relaxed and still until the test is completed. Your InBody results will print automatically once the test is completed.