Styku Body Composition Test & Analysis

We could not be more excited to introduce Styku Body Scan testing! This new technology is growing in popularity, but it still rare in fitness. But many companies on the forefront of their fields, from high-end plastic surgeons' offices to the Dallas Cowboy's locker room, are using and love the Styku. Let's get into what the Styku offers and we invested in the technology for our challenges 




Throw away that tape measure. We all know the cost of human error in hand measurements. Styku is 76% more precise than measurements from the most skilled hand-measuring experts


Analyze hundreds of body measurements. Extract measurements like your waist, hip, thigh, and more with less than 1% error. 


  • Built on the Microsoft Kinect V2, the world's most powerful 3D Camera. Extracts millions of data points in less than 30 seconds.

  • Automatic turntable that rotates 360 degrees to capture the full body.

  • Lightweight Aluminum enclosure and stand to protect 3D Camera. Low square footage. Easy to move and re-position for small spaces.

Monitor changes in your body shape and dimensions to see how you respond to your fitness and nutritional regime.

600+ pictures

in 30 seconds!

testing procedures and results

  • Step 1: Wear very tight clothing, preferably tight leggings, and an athletic bra or fitted tank. For consistency, plan to wear this outfit for your "after" scan. 


  • Step 2Step on the Styku platform. A team member* will take your information and create a profile. 


  • Step 3 Hold your arms out at a 45-degree angle. A team member will prompt you that "scanning will begin." The turntable will turn 1.5 times. Stay still!


  • Step 4: A 3D model of you will be created, along with hundreds of data points. 


  •  Step 5: We will discuss the report with you and send it to your email. 

    *Sami, Jenny, and Hannah will be conducting scans. To ensure a comfortable            scanning experience, Brandon will stay home and take care of the baby. :)